tiffany callahan tiffany maeve callahan * october 31, 1984 (32) * born in dublin, ireland * primarily raised in vancouver, bc * currently resides in boston, ma * jack of all trades * music is the rhythm of the heart comic verseetcetera
• Tiffany Maeve Callahan was born in Dublin, Ireland. Her mother Maeve was a thing of beauty; everyone loved her, including a set of brothers. When she started dating the one brother, Shane, the other, Terrence, grew insanely jealous, effectively pushing his brother away before he could find out he would be a father. Maeve wanted to tell Shane that he was to be a father but Terrence held her hostage until she gave birth to the little girl. When she was finally able to sneak away, she stole Terrence’s car not knowing that he had the breaks cut in cases such as this, and she crashed, killing her instantly. As to not raise suspicion, he took Tiffany and decided to raise her as his own.

• The plan was to move to North America, where no one knew Terrence and where he could support them by stealing and living a life of crime. He had forged papers to make it look as though Tiffany was his own daughter and the two were often helped by the kindness of strangers willing to help out a single father and daughter who had lost the love of his life and her mother in a tragic car accident. It was the ultimate scheme and Terrance played the part well.

• When Tiffany was only five years old she was taught the ways of a life of crime from Terrence. It was the only thing that she knew in life and she willingly followed her so-called father as he planned heists and ruses throughout Canada, eventually landing in Vancouver, BC. Terrance took up a job as a mechanic so he could steal parts and sell them, as well as take things from inside people’s cars and go relatively unnoticed and Tiffany could have a semi-normal life with school and friends. Terrence enrolled her in piano and guitar lessons that were paid for by nefarious means.

• When she entered high school, Tiffany started to rebel, as most teenagers do, against her “father” and started partying and drinking to excess. When she was sixteen she was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning twice. Terrence gave her an ultimatum and Tiffany decided to shape up, focusing on music as a way to mask the pain of growing up without a mother and never told Terrence why she had been drinking.

• At the age of 18 she was informed as she was moving out of the house she shared with Terrence that he was not her real father and that her father didn’t even know that she existed. It was an extremely low blow and Tiffany spiralled out of control. It was then that she formed a rock band with a couple of friends and lived the rockstar life.

• In 2004, Terrence was arrested while robbing a bank in Vancouver. Tiffany was obviously devastated and went to visit him once before his trial. He was the man who had raised her and she considered him to be her father but she couldn’t understand why he did the things he did. Before she left he made her promise him that he would make something of her life and that singing was the thing that brought her the most joy. Even though he was corrupt and an absolutely horrible human being, he was right, and Tiffany set her sights on a career as a singer.

• In 2008, after being a wedding and lounge singer, she successfully auditioned for Canadian Idol and was passed on to the next round. The experience was intense and she was still drinking heavily, too heavily, to make it very far. She was a semi-finalist, finishing in the top 32. It was not enough to secure her a recording contract outside of the show and so she continued with a myriad of side jobs to make her dream a reality.

• After six years of the same nonsense, including working as a stripper, Tiffany landed a meeting with a man who claimed he was a New York music producer. Determined to follow her dreams, she picked up her life and moved to New York to write and eventually record her music. It was in New York that she met an older gentlemen, while she had taken up a job as an escort to make money, and she married him. It was mutually beneficial for both; he had a pretty young wife and she was only marrying him for a green card and for his money. The marriage, however, fell apart quickly and the two were divorced six months later.

• In June of 2016, with the promise of finally recording her album in Boston, Tiffany packed up her things and moved. It was too good to be true, however, because there was no music studio or record. She was penniless and so she did the only thing she could do, she called her childhood friend to crash on his couch while she got back on her feet. She has taken up her mantle as an escort again, as well an occasional temp and wedding and lounge singer.
Theresa Maeve Rourke Cassidy is the mutant daughter of Sean, the mutant who was to become known as the Banshee, and Maeve Rourke Cassidy. Soon after his marriage, Sean Cassidy, an Interpol agent, was sent on an undercover anti-terrorist mission for many months, not knowing when he left that Maeve was pregnant. Shortly after Theresa's birth, Maeve took the infant Theresa with her on a visit to her relatives in Armagh in Northern Ireland. While she was there, Maeve, an innocent bystander, was killed in an IRA (Irish Republican Army) bombing along with a number of other people. No trace of Maeve was found by the authorities and they, and Maeve's relatives who knew of Theresa's existence, assumed that Theresa had also been killed in the explosion and never told Sean that Maeve had had a daughter.

In fact, however, Black Tom Cassidy, her father's cousin and a rival for the love of her mother, had been present at the scene of the explosion and had secretly carried Theresa off with him. Black Tom suspected that Theresa might develop superhuman mutant powers as she grew older, and therefore he intended to raise her secretly so that he might exploit her powers himself. Sean was so filled with anguish when he returned and learned of Maeve's death that he left his ancestral home of Cassidy Keep and threw himself into a series of highly dangerous missions, eventually leading to his resignation from Interpol and his later involvement with the mutant villain team Factor Three.

Theresa's sonic powers emerged at puberty and, a few years later, Black Tom began coercing her aid in committing crimes, whom she called "uncle" out of respect. At one point during high school, Theresa developed a drinking problem. However, Theresa's heart was never in a life of crime and she pursued it because the man who raised her, Black Tom, ordered her to do so. Eventually, Theresa accompanied Black Tom and his partner the Juggernaut to San Francisco.

There, employing the name Siryn, Theresa battled the original Spider-Woman and several of the X-Men. This conflict ended in Black Tom's temporary capture. While in custody, Black Tom gentlemanly exonerated Theresa of responsibility for his crimes and wrote to Sean explaining who she was. Theresa and Sean were joyfully united at Professor Charles Xavier's mansion. Theresa went to live with her father, who had since retired back at Cassidy Keep and, due to his new girlfriend Dr. Moira MacTaggart, divided their time between Cassidy Keep and Muir Island. (cont.)
• Same initals in addition to her middle name being the same.
• Both were born in Ireland.
• Both lost their mother at a very young age.
• Both were raised by an relative who did not reveal her father's true identity.
• Both were involved in a life of crime.
• Both are alcoholics.
abilities 🔓 Acoustikinesis (au + cv)
      • Sonic Scream
      • Flight
      • Sonic Lance
      • Sonar
      • Sonic Null Field
      • Sonic Amplification
      • Sonic Shield
      • Vocal Disorientation
      • Vocal Trance
      • Vocal Unconsciousness
      • Siren's Song
      • Sound Immunity
🔓 Superhuman Vocal Stamina (au + cv)

memories 🔓 Veil Lifted
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🔐 Memories of Fallen Angels
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• Has been drinking since she's been a teenager. Had her stomach pumped twice at the age of 16 and has had her stomach pumped several times since. Her drink of choice is vodka.

• Her name while escorting is Tracy. She has never used her real name either while escorting or when she was stripping.

• She is obsessed with horror movies and everything that comes with the horror genre. For this reason, October is her favorite month.

• Music sounds roughly like Nataly Dawn.

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